What Is Audioengine?

Audioengine is an independent speaker company based in Austin, TX.

In 2005 Audioengine was founded with a simple goal: Build products that sound great, are easy to use, and make people want to listen to music every day.

Audioengine’s core products are powered speakers; all-in-one music systems which allow you to connect all your devices wirelessly (or wired) for great stereo sound. They started with just one powered speaker, the A5; simple and beautiful, yet versatile enough to be used in your workspace as computer speakers, on stands in your living room, or in a home theater setup.

But the Audioengine team wanted to offer even more for their customers. After years of hard work, the versatility of their products was pushed even further by offering a number of add-on audio products that can be used with existing music systems.

Their passion is to help people hear all their favorite songs as they were meant to be heard and to discover new music and appreciate it with the highest sound quality. And they’re doing exactly what they had planned, which is to change the way people listen to music. Audioengine is now proud to offer a complete line of products that bring the sound quality of professional studio monitors right into your living room, without the inconvenience of multi-device stereo receivers or big clunky passive speakers.

So now we’ve highlighted WHAT Audioengine does, but that hardly defines what a company is all about; so now let’s dive into the WHO and WHY of Audioengine.


Audioengine founders, Brady and Dave, have been in the tech industry a long time.

They’ve worked separately and together for companies such as Harman, Apple, Gibson Guitars, Alesis, and others. Both are experts in their field and, after realizing a common dream of introducing new audio products and holding them to the highest possible standards, they decided to launch Audioengine.


Brady and Dave both love technology, and more specifically, music.

Not only are both of our founders long-time lovers of technology and music, but they have both dreamed of creating a business that endorses a positive and reinforcing work environment for its employees, without the shadow of big corporation politics looming overhead.

Audioengine strives to design products that stand the test of time, and not become obsolete after a few short years. We don’t make “copy-cat” or “me too” products, instead we focus on giving customers a completely unique listening experience by making gradual and necessary updates to our already successful products. Product development is the heart of Audioengine, and we gauge our success by the number of customers that literally smile when they hear the difference between our systems and everything else.

All this is done without corporate investors, big-time engineering focus groups, and without charging unfair prices for our top-shelf designs. The founders of Audioengine have created a business model that mirrors the sleek efficiency of their own products. Audioengine designs innovative music systems that work with all your favorite gear, devices, and streaming apps. No matter how you connect and listen, we’ve got you covered.

Our products are purpose-built for the way people listen to music today. Whether you plan on streaming music from your phone, listening to music from your laptop while studying in your dorm room, or dusting off that vintage turntable, our products have a place in your life. The song remains the same with Audioengine– we really love music and our passion is to make your music sound as fantastic as it can. And even if you don’t consider yourself an audiophile, we guarantee you will hear the difference!

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